Tom Montemayor's L952 flight
This was flight number 3 for my scratch built Dynacom, "Unshredable". It was the second flight using the L952 and the first flight after my Level 3 certification using the M1419. The Aerotech L952 is an awesome motor, a 98mm full L (5120 newton-seconds). Burn time is 5.5 seconds.
This flight occurred at North Texas High Power 14, February 13, 1999. The launch was sponsored by DARS and was held at their Windom launch site.
I think this video is particularly interesting because it shows a windshear at around 4,000 feet. A windshear is defined as an abrupt change in wind speed or direction over a small vertical change.
This image was captured off the last frame of the video. Notice the two arrowed segments of the smoke trail. The rocket boost was vertical, leaving behind a perfectly straight smoke trail. Yet, within seconds, the two arrowed segments began drifting apart in opposite directions, indicating a wind direction change of almost 180 degrees. At around 3000 feet, the wind was clearly blowing from the east. Just over 1 second later, at around 4000 feet, the wind was blowing from the west. About 2 seconds later, at around 6000 feet, the wind again appears to be near calm.
The video of the flight is 22 seconds long and occupies about 5 Mb.