Shoot for the Stars 2001
I've produced 3 videos from the Saturday flights. Since most visitors are downloading the high quality versions, I did not produce the low quality, smaller sized videos for these flights. All the videos are around 5 Mb in length.
The first video is of Tom Montemayor's rocket, "Unshredable", boosting on a Kosdon M1130. The flight reached 10,881 feet and recovered successfully. The video is 4.7 Mb in length and runs for 19 seconds.
The second video is of Tom Montemayor's two stage rocket, The Integral. This flight used a J415 first stage and a J180 second stage and reached 7,461 feet. Both stages recovered successfully under parachute. The video is 5.4 Mb in length and runs for 22 seconds.
The third video is of Alan Davis' successful Level 3 flight, "Phaser". Alan used a scratch built rocket and an Aerotech M1315 for power. The flight reached 11,620 feet and recovered successfully. This video is 4.5 Mb in length and runs for 18 seconds.
Full descriptions of these flights and many others can be found at the Tripoli Austin Web Site.