North Texas High Power 20
North Texas High Power 20 took to the Windom skies February 16th and 17th, 2002. I produced 3 videos from Saturday's flights; Jim Parkers M flight and two Tom Montemayor K flights.
Jim Parker certified to Level 3 using an Aerotech M2000 Redline motor. This motor is a 98mm (4 inch) motor rated at 10,240 ns, a full M. The flight was totally successful!
Tom Montemayor flew his "Olympic Gold" 5.5 inch diameter rocket using another 98mm Aerotech motor, a K458. This four inch motor is rated at 2,560 ns, a full K. The flight reached 5,200 feet and recovered successfully.
Tom Montemayor flew "Spectra", a 4 inch scratch built rocket using a 54mm Kosdon K350. The long burn Kosdon motor boosted Spectra to 6001 feet and a successful recovery.
Full details of these flights and many others can be found on the Tripoli Austin home page,