This site contains videos (.mpgs) for the Tripoli Austin and Tom Montemayor web sites. Some of the videos are available in two image sizes: high quality (352 x 240) and low quality (160 x 120). If no choice is given, video is high quality.
Tom's Three Stage Flight.
This video is 23 seconds long. The featured flight was powered by a J275 first stage, an I161 second stage and an H123 third stage. The flight made just over 6200 feet.
Note that the entire third stage burn is over before you hear it!
Tom's Two Stage Flight
This video is 18 seconds long. The featured flight was launched 2/28/99 and was powered by a J415 first stage and a J180 second stage. Max altitude was over 7600 feet.
Note how the first stage holds formation with the upper stage after separation but before upper stage ignition.
Three's Company.
Total Solar Eclipse
This video is 18 seconds long and features the end of the total solar eclipse of February 26, 1998 as seen from the island of Aruba. The video show about 6 seconds of totality with the beautiful solar corona visible, then the brilliant "diamond ring" as the sunlight shines through mountain valleys on the moon, then the corona rapidly disappears as the sun returns and the sky lightens.
There is no audio on either video.
Last Update: February 6, 2003
Mark Carlson's "Hotrail"
"Hotrail" is Mark Carlson's 6 inch diameter, 27 pound, 7 foot tall rocket. This flight used an Aerotech K700 for power. The video is 14 seconds long.
Scott's K185 Flaming Crash!
Scott launched his beautiful "Mad Dog" at McGregor on June 16, 2001. The rocket was powered by an Aerotech K185 long burn White LIghtning. After a beautiful liftoff, the motor failed due to a blow-by at about 100 feet. The rocket separated with flames coming out both ends and came crashing to earth. A spectacular 12 second video!
Ed Jacoby's Level 3 attempt.
Ed Jacoby's Level 3 attempt flew on June 3rd, 2001. The motor was a Kosdon M1130. Though the attempt failed due to a recovery failure, the boost was fantastic. The beeping you near is the radio tracking transmitter signal. Video is 15 seconds long.
Full details of the flight can be found at
Tom Montemayor's L850 flight.
Tom flew his Hawk Mountain "Bad Attitude" using a Kosdon 54mm L850. The boost was very impressive and two stage barometric recovery brought the rocket back safe and undamaged. This video of the boost is 11 seconds long.
Full details of the flight can be found at
All videos are linked to from, the home page of Tripoli Austin. The videos on this page are just a few of my favorites.